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About Miranda Gray

and the Womb Blessing®

Miranda Gray is an international best-selling author and teacher of women’s energies, of the Four Female Archetypes in the menstrual cycle and in menopause, and of women’s spirituality.


Miranda’s first ground-breaking book on the energies of the menstrual cycle called Red Moon was first published in 1994 and is still in print today in many different languages. Since then she has written many books that explore how the cyclic nature of women and the energies of the Four Female Archetypes offer women a wider vision of female nature and offers them wonderful and powerful abilities to create wellbeing, fulfilment and the best possible female life.

The Worldwide Womb Blessing®

In 2012 Miranda started the Worldwide Womb Blessing®

Miranda felt it was not enough to simply help women to understand themselves or to heal themselves, women needed to awaken to the full energies of their feminine nature and in doing so they would heal and live a life that was truer to their authentic female energies.


Miranda defines Authentic Femininity as the pattern and presence of the energies of the Sacred feminine that lie within us undistorted by expectations and judgements. It was important that the Worldwide Womb Blessing did not define the Sacred Feminine so that women could bring to the Womb Blessing their own traditions, spirituality, and religion.

After nearly 10 years of being post menopause (and five of these years spent writing her book on the menopause) Miranda started the Worldwide Menopause Womb Blessing. Although the Worldwide Womb Blessing is available to all whatever their age or physical condition, Miranda understood that the energy structure of women in different stages of menopause needed different types of help and support. But most important of all, Miranda saw that women needed to see that the menopause journey is not one of growing old but one of growing-up energetically and the path we walk is one of transformation and spiritual awakening.

Miranda’s vision has always been to help women and those who gender identify as female, and those who respond to the female energies, to embrace the widest and richest experience of their female energies and of their relationship with the Sacred Feminine, to create their best authentic feminine lives.

The Worldwide Menopause Blessing®

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