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The FREE Worldwide Menopause Womb Blessings®
13th January 2024


- Menopause is a path of transformation into a new and spiritual woman -

A beautiful FREE distant Menopause Womb Blessing from the Sacred Feminine for all who walk a physical menopause path (before and after last blood) or walk an energetic menopause path.


Register now to book your Menopause Womb Blessing and receive your meditation and instructions!

Worldwide Peri-menopause Womb Blessing:

18.00 – 18.30 (UK time) Peri-menopause Blessing

20.30 – 21.00 (UK time) Peri-menopause Blessing


Worldwide Post-menopause Womb Blessing:

19.00 – 19.30 (UK time) Post-menopause Blessing

21.30 – 22.00 (UK time) Post-menopause Blessing 

Each Blessing has a meditation and a prayer. It can be a moment of sacred time, screen-free and on your own, or you may wish to create an online or in-person group with others walking their menopause path.

Each Worldwide Menopause Womb Blessing takes approximately 30 minutes.

Meditate at the beach

Who is it for?

A screen-free personal sanctuary and blessing:

0 - A large tree with a waterfall below it surroun.png


If your cycles have changed or you feel that you have started to walk your peri-menopause path, this Blessing helps to bring awakening, empowerment, love and healing to support to your powerful changes.

2 - A white stone fountain standing in a bright fo.png


If you have had your last menstruation or feel that you have started your post-menopause path, this Blessing helps to bring spiritual awakening, love, and balance to the intense needs of this time. There’s a special part of the meditation if you have been post-menopause for 10 years or more.



If you feel in your heart that you walk a menopause path, this Blessing helps to create awakening, joy, acceptance and love as you change. You do not need a womb, a menstrual cycle, or a physical menopause to benefit from this Blessing.

Each Worldwide Menopause Womb Blessing® takes approximately 30 minutes.

Join in Together

Everything Is Better When Shared!

When we connect together under the Universal Womb Tree we shine as one with our beauty, our love, our wisdom, and our light, and we feel the power of our menopause journey awaken within us.

How to take part

Step 1: Register the Menopause Blessing you wish to receive and your Chosen Time.


Step 2: Open your Confirmation email and download your meditation and instructions.


Step 3: At your registered time read the beautiful meditation and relax, and you will receive the Blessing. Your Menopause Womb Blessing is sent to you for 20 minutes.


Step 4: Read the Sharing meditation and share the love and light of the Sacred Feminine to everyone taking part.


Step 5: Enjoy the after-effects of the Blessing – rest, meditate, dance, celebrate and have something nice to eat and drink!

Welcome to the Menopause Womb Blessing
from Miranda Gray

In a sacred feminine space, we meet together on the roots and under the branches of the Universal Womb Tree. Connected through our wombs (energetic and physical) and hearts, and to the Earth and Moon, we are held in love and moonlight as we walk our deepening spiritual path into the completeness of our female energies.

2 - A bright crescent moon in the sky above a whit.png

You are invited to join us, wherever you are in the world, whether you have a physical or energetic menopause path, to shine in your light and become the new person you are meant to be.


The Blessing will flow over you and through you helping you to leave your old self behind and to step into your new spiritual awakening.


Forget what you have been told about women getting old, our moon-kissed hair, the wrinkles in our skin and our lack of cycles show us that we walk a path to transform into Complete Women who walk the Earth shining with the brilliance of their soul-light. Our paths and experiences are many, but our goal is the same – to be a representative of the Sacred Feminine and to be the bridge between the spiritual and everyday worlds.


Menopause was never meant to be a challenge or a sign of decline, it was designed to be a dance of flowing forms, a path of growing in love and a journey that takes us into our fullness.


And in this space under the Womb Tree, for a short time, we who walk the menopause path remember what it is to be the Enchantress, embodying and dancing change into the world, and to descend the steps within to answer the call from the Sacred Feminine that guides us home to Her.


I hope you can join us, not just for this Worldwide Menopause Blessing but for the many to come.


With love and hugs,

Miranda Gray

9th December: ONLINE: Menopause Healing with Miranda Gray. In ENGLISH with PORTUGUESE translation. Guided healing meditation for peri-menopausal and post-menopause women


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Our Approach

Menopause is not growing old - it is a path of spiritual awakening

Miranda Gray

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